Product + Concept Development

Working with Jakks Pacific, we were challenged to develop a style and design for the new Marvel XPV remote control. MDA spent months sketching concepts and ideas for different body positions and framework structures to finally develop stylistic vehicle designs. These are some of the designs that have hit the market first, there are even more amazing vehicles on the way.


Concept Development

Designing for the mega huge Monsuno property was an exciting adventure. We helped in almost every aspect of the design and development for this property. From the trading card artwork and card designs, to the packaging and gaming materials. We even had the honor to design the next set of Monsuno for Season 3, the animated cartoon. The teams at Jakks Pacific and Topps were great to work, it was an amazing collaboration.


Product + Concept Development

We worked with Beeline Creative to develop an initial concept for the Garbage Pail Kids property. It was very exciting for us to be involved with this concept, since we loved the property since early childhood. The direction was designed around keeping the vein of the original brand but adapting them to the new vinyl art products of the current market.


Product + Concept Development

This product line was very interesting from the initial idea, and we fell in love with the concept. It was based off old fashioned knock back targets and exploding robots. With clean design graphics, we updated this simple play pattern to a more modern theme. MDA worked closely with Jakks Pacific to develop the right molds and designs.


Product + Concept Development

HULK SMASH! This was a great vehicle to work on the design development. We had an assisting hand in designing this overall direction and style of this product. There was some changes made for the final production, and it looks amazing!


Product + Concept Development

Some of the concepts and designs we work on don't always see the light of day. Yet we always put forth our best effort to design and explore all concepts and ideas. Speedballs was one of our favorite projects we helped concept and bring to life.